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Andy Bodine and the best cosmetology schools in cleveland ohioInternationally Renown Hairstylist

Educator and Beauty Industry Expert Joins Vanity School of Cosmetology!

Written about in the pages of ELLE Magazine, Celebrity Hairstyles, and American Salon-

Industry Expert Andy Bodine comes to Cleveland, Ohio and joins Vanity School of Cosmetology as the new  hands on Creative Director! With the role of Creative Director now filled by professionalism and honed talent, Vanity School of Cosmetology benefits from over 25 years of industry knowledge, education experience and word-class ideas.

Andy Bodine‘s style of education has resulted in his students becoming top hairstylists, educators, platform artists and salon owners around the world. He has worked with A-list celebrity clients and contributed his talents and skills to exclusive productions like fashion week in Los Angeles, New York and Paris. He has participated in nationally aired fashion, music and movie award shows and celebrity events around the globe!

Having trained closely with many world famous hair stylists, Andy Bodine has gained experience and cultivated  his skill at the highest levels of the industry. That same skill afforded him the opportunity to represent top beauty brands as a lead educator, platform artist and session stylist.

Vanity School of Cosmetology is proud to announce that Andy Bodine is bringing his expertise to one of the best cosmetology schools in Cleveland, Ohio. Focused on student success and achievement, Andy Bodine is eager to share his experiences and skills with excited future professionals.

His positive approach to education and the beauty industry is understood in the straightforward explanation of  his achievement and love of mentoring:  “helping other people achieve success through education, inspiration and motivation”

Want to learn more about Andy Bodine? Simply schedule an appointment to visit one of our two campuses. His passion for education and willingness to share his experiences and talents will become evident with your first conversation!

Andy Bodine Introduction

“helping other people achieve success through education, inspiration and motivation” Andy Bodine

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